Photographer Lina Takeuchi was born in Tokyo, Japan. At age 16, she moved to the United States and spent most of her important years in San Luis Obispo, California. There, she began expressing her emotions through art, when she didn't quite find a way to voice herself in a new language: English.

Lina learned to draw in school and eventually took up photography. Lina enjoys the media of photography because she feels that there is nothing untrue about the world through the lens and it is her absolute passion to draw out real and beautiful moments out of the subject.

After high school, she moved to San Francisco and completed her studies in Photography at the Academy Of Art University. After earning the degree, she decided to go back to Tokyo and worked at a photography studio, where earned the opportunity to work and learn about the real world of photographers for three years. In the following two years, Lina worked as a freelance assistant to focus on her own work.

She currently works as a freelance photographer based in Tokyo.